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.The dotSAFE project is a pilot across the 23 member countries of the European SchoolNet ( There is a general commitment to the project among the partners, because it addresses real needs. They will be involved at different stages, notably information gathering and dissemination. A core set of ten contrasting countries, schools, projects and agencies is involved formally in the project.

There are four principal areas of work, some of which are simultaneous and/or cyclical:

  • Auditing what is available, concerns, and effective practices to raise awareness of Internet safety in schools: audiences, messages and means - WP1. The project will work with other intelligence- gathering bodies to identify and critically review provision and regularly update it during the life of the project.
  • Developing new and adapted pilot materials and technical solutions - WP2. Identified materials, technical solutions and successful awareness-raining techniques will be adapted and prepared for more generalised use.
  • Testing and evaluating WP2 materials - WP3. The mix of partners in the project provides an unequalled opportunity to try out approaches and obtain systematic feedback on what works.
  • Developing detailed scalable plans - WP4. Building on the pilot study testing, already on a fairly large scale, plans will be developed to impact on teachers and other audiences with the aim of creating a teaching corps both aware of the potential dangers of the Internet and of practical solutions to make for safe Internet use by Europe's young learners. Some preliminary dissemination will take place through EUN networks, events and web sites in order to accelerate adoption of the Internet in schools.

In addition, the EUN Office will co-ordinate dissemination and provide overall project management and administration services, e.g. workshops, meetings and a project web site. A core group of partners will from an executive group for the project. Most partners are experienced in national projects management and several have worked together previously.

They will work with standards bodies and other actors in Internet safety in their country on behalf of the project as a whole. There will be regular project meetings between partners, with location and chairing rotating. Although the EUN office will co-ordinate a set frameworks for quality assurance, this is a project about partnership between equals and shared responsibility.

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Published: Thursday, 28 Jun 2001
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