Childnet is a no profit organization working around the world to help make the Internet a great place for children. This site gives details of the various projects they are running in four areas of Access, Awareness, Protection and Policy
Superhighway Safety offers guidance on acceptable use of the Internet in UK for parents, schools and online Centres. Remarkable is the very on practice orientated information provided by the site.
Safe Guarding is a non-profit association that promotes the safe use of telecommunications to improve K-12 learning.

The Action Plan on promoting safer use of the Internet is the European Union?s response to tackling the controversial issue of illegal and harmful content on the Internet. The site is offering a lot of information in form of very good free newsletter, forums and statistics.

Internet Action Plan The Action Plan is part of a coherent set of policies at EU level to deal with illegal and harmful content on the Internet. Aiming the awareness among parents, teachers, public sector and the information industry about how to deal with the issue in practical terms following site has been set up http://europa.e
Project: Internet Responsibility at Schools What methods are to be applied to ensure the responsible use of the Internet at school? The goal of this project is to identify best-practice models in German, British, Norwegian and American schools and to develop a manual on the responsible use of the Internet at German schools.
GridClub is an exciting initiative which provides a safe, fun learning environment for 7-11 year olds. It combines the appeal of television and the web to offer activities that will support and engage children in a safe yet fun environment. It offers increased ICT skills for children and peace of mind for parents and teachers who can relax knowing that the website is secure, constantly monitored and therefore a safe place for their children or pupils to learn.

Safe Use of the Internet The site provides advice to parents and teachers about Internet safety, and will help companies, governments, schools, child-welfare groups and other organisations as they plan Internet awareness campaigns.

Net-Enforce This web site, offers a range of up to date information, news and links to relevant resources in its open area and provides a forum for the exchange of expertise in a secure area. Guests and concerned user groups are welcome to use Net-Enforce as a tool of working against child sexual exploitation in a European context.

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