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The project was finalized by 30 June 2002. News items shown in this section therefore relate to the period of January 2001 to the date given.

.Safe International Workshop

The third conference of the .Safe partners took place in Dublin on the 5th of October 2001. The conference comprised of a management meeting of the .Safe partners and general workshops on Internet safety. The meeting was attended by approximately 35 people and included invited guests from back-grounds related to Internet safety.

Ask the expert

This months topic of Becta relates to Internet security. During July, selected experts will be available to answer questions on Internet Safety for teachers and parents.

Can Filters Keep Kids Safe Online?

How can we tackle the problems of Internet use like dangerous texts, people or images? The project hosted a conference at the Palazzo Gerini in Florence on 27-28 May 2002. Speakers covered key topics such as network security, awareness and filtering for children, and legislation for internet safety – teachers and website coordinators were there

Child Focus: Help to Stop Child Pornography

The Internet is a place with a huge potential that allows us to access the best but also, unfortunately, the worse of the World Wide Web. Several organisations and projects are trying to raise awareness of the potential dangers of the Internet. The Dot.Safe project and Child Focus are two good examples. Sophie Vandeputte, French Language Editor at European Schoolnet, tells more about how you can make the Internet a safer place for our children through Child Focus.

Context Magazine

The Context Magazine published an own edition on Internet security. The very mixed content is a valuable contribution to the awareness for internet security for kids and is available for downloading.

Discussion and demonstration afternoons for teachers

The National Board of Education, Finland organised in cooperation with the school authorities in Tampere region, three demonstration and discussion afternoons at the Tampere Mindtrek week about internet use in different subjects.

Dissemination of Material in eSchola 2002

dotSafe promotes the safe use of the Internet in eSchola 2002. eSchola is a campaign for eLearning in Europe – an event to provide an opportunity for schools and teachers to learn together and from each other about the use and impact of new technologies in education and runs from the 8 April to the 9 May 2002.

Dotsafe: Safe Internet for School Children

The Internet is a fantastic resource for students, and it is also an ideal place to find new friends, but we must all be aware of its potential dangers and the means to avoid them. INDIRE (Istituto Nazionale di Documentazione per l’innovazione e la ricerca educativa – or the National Institute for educational documentation and innovation in education research - formerly BDP is one of the organisations participating in Dotsafe ( As part of the project, INDIRE is organising this conference on safety issues.

Image Filter for pornography nominated for the IST prize 2001

An image based filtering solution to detect child pornography on the Internet has been nominated for the IST prize 2001. Even the nomination for this award of excellence in IT has the potentioal to achieve public recognition and to stimulate innovation throughout the economy and society.

Internet content rating and filtering

A meeting to present the projects funded under action line 2 (filtering and rating) of the Safer Internet Action Plan will be held on the 29 January 2002.

Internet safety in the Virtual School

The Dutch ministry of Education, Culture and science invests in innovative education in a multicultural society and invited the Virtual School for a major conference (VisiE) from June 13th till 16th in Parkstad Limburg. dotSafe was invited to hold one workshop and get discussions starting about the security of children in the Internet.

Protection of consumers and children on the Internet

A Seminar has been organized by the spanish partner Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca on the 16 October 2001. The main issue was on the protection of consumers and children on the internet.

Round Table at the Salon de Education on Internet Safety

A round table had been held on Saturday the 24 the of November, issuing consumer and child protection.

School Principals get updated on Internet safety

The School Manager Centre Site is dedicating the topic of the month to Internet security and its solutions.

Spotlight Schoolpractice

How do other schools handle the issue of Internet security? Which practices aproved as useful? eWatch puts one spotlight on the security of children...

What Do Kids Want From The Web?

You are invited to help European Schoolnet carry out important research on children's views on the Internet. This research is part of a European project to make the Internet safer for children.