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The .Safe project connects nine main partners and three sponsoring partners in order to work together on one common goal. Additional financial support is provided by the European Commission.

Co-ordination and main Contractor:

Ministry of Education and Science
Committee on Education European Schoolnet, SWEDEN

Ulf Lundin Ulf.Lundin (Co-ordination)

Roger Blamire (Managment)

Margit Hofer (Webeditor and Administration)

European Schoolnet      
Rue de Treves, 61 1040 Bruxelles 
Phone:(+32) 2 7907575
Fax:(+32) 2 7907585 
Principal Contractors:
The Norwegian Board of Education, NORWAY 
contact: Petter Korseth  
Technology Colleges Trust, UNITED KINGDOM
contact: Nigel Paine 

National Board of Education, FINLAND
contact: Ella Kiesi 

Biblioteca di Documentazione Pedagogica, INDIRE, ITALY
contact: Giovanni Biondi
contact: Aldo Pappalepore
Académie de Grenoble – Centre Académique de Ressources et
de Maintenance Informatique-Internet, FRANCE
contact: Raymond Favre-Nicolin
National Centre for Technology in Education, IRELAND
contact: Jerome Morrissey
Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca, SPAIN
contact: Núria Quintana i Compte

Sponsoring Partners 

Virtuell School, EUN
contact: Angela Andersson

Akademska in raziskovalna mreza Slovenije (ARNES),SLOVENIA
contact: Tomi Dolenc

City of Stockholm, SWEDEN
contact: Kent Larsson

European Commission



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